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National Unplug Day + Secret Project
Hey there! How's it going guys? :3

So I just found out tonight is National Unplug Day I might join in but it starts tonight. I think I'm going to give it a try. It's a technology detox but I'm going to revamp it a little. I'm still going to use my ipod but only for music (I can't work in absolute silence) and electricity for light(if I'm reading or drawing I need to see).

The goal is to be productive. I'm going to use the day to make comics, write, or spend it reading! The old fashioned way. Either to brainstorm and/or sketch/draw concepts that I've been meaning to do all along. The unplugging starts at sunset this evening to Saturday evening at sundown. I may just do a set time like 7 or 8 pm so I can keep track easier.

Recently I thought I was going to work more on my comics but ended up reading more books lately. That's good because I'm going through my pile of library books but bad as I'm not really producing anything. lol I'll have to find a happy medium. I do like to think I'm being good by avoiding watching TV but once I get sucked onto the computer I'm gone. lol Completely absorbed, it's terrible really. Figured I'd give this a shot just for fun. I wasn't going to do it at first but decided it wouldn't hurt.

So that means no internet, no TV, and only use cell phone for emergencies (I hardly even use it but will keep it around just in case). So just a heads up, no updates or checking anything for the whole 24 hours. :) Will be tough since it's on the weekend but hopefully I will be more productive. :nod:

Ohhh also I have a secret project I'm going to try to work on for you guys too. :3 Figure I should do something for my wonderful readers/followers. It's going to take some time to develop so stay tuned! :D


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