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I'm alive + Campnano April 2014
Hey everyone!

Sorry for my absence, been kind of in limbo lately. Planning to get my act back together with a new schedule with hopefully features more art and writing! I hope you all have been keeping up with blog (http://etherealvoices.blogspot.com) which I've been updating more regularly than this. Also I'm on Twitter (http://twitter.com/aisazia) nearly everyday so catch me there!

Well my upcoming plans are to participate in Campnanowrimo in April and to hopefully finish toning one of my comic stories. I fell off the wagon on both. I'm just hoping to finish the comic so I can start another. For my novel I still need to finish that but I've set it aside to start a new novella series which I hope will get me motivated to finish my novel as well!

I've been sketching and playing with watercolors but none are worth posting in my gallery. Most of it will probably go on my blog just to show for progress. lol If you're interested in that go check it out in the link above. I've been thinking about getting a website up, I have the know how, I just need the domain and web space to put it up. lol Perhaps I will when I finally have something to show. Otherwise, I'll just keep posting on my blog. :)

Hope you all had a good holiday season and were far more productive than I have been lately.

40% off Storenvy Store + Nanowrimo 2013 Winner
Hey guys! Some of you might know that I have an online store where I sell my art prints, books, stickers, and buttons. If not, go check it out~~>http://aisazia.storenvy.com

Well in celebration of the holidays I decided to have a little sale going on till December 31 for 40% off using the code "HappyHolidays2013".

I can make anything in my gallery a print or button just contact me if you're interested in something that isn't available in the store. :D

Please spread the word! Thanks!

In other words, I won Nanowrimo this year! It's my first time with a whopping total of 50,044! lol I could write more but I realized I need more structure and will have to rewrite what I already have so I decided to wait and get a good outline before I fix it. lol It was fun and I am amazed that I was able to finish it by mostly pants-ing it. I usually consider myself a plotter so it was interesting to find out that I can do both. haha

How have you all been this holiday season? Did you all have a good Thanksgiving? Did you guys win Nanowrimo? What's going on with you guys?

Another year older and hopefully wiser
It's my birthday! Getting older and hopefully a bit wiser! lol Not too much to say. Finally got internet back over the weekend but spent time with family. Now I have to do homework. :( Still going to enjoy it! :D Hope you all are well!

Otakon and Matsuricon 2013 Con Reports + 2012 SD

Ohhh 24 Hour Comic Day is coming up! Anyone else going to be doing it? :D

Matsuricon 2013
Hey guys! I meant to have an Otakon report but I couldn't get around to it. I will later but for now I'm getting ready for Matsuricon which is coming up tomorrow! Anyone else going to be there? Be sure to stop by and say hi! I'll be tabling with the awesome Naneki, Kagar, and Diallobe298. It should be a blast! I'll be taking more commissions and will have my normal prints, bookmarks, and notebooks. Some new things are Sweets Stickers and buttons. I'll have some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic buttons but they are a little more adult-looking than their usual adorable appearances. :) Hope to see you all there! :D

Otakon 2013 + July Campnanowrimo Winner

(Click image make it bigger)

Hey guys! I'll be at Otakon this year at X13! Come find me! I'll have prints, stickers, buttons, bookmarks, and my blank notebooks for sale. :D I'm hoping to have a sketchbook for sale too but we'll see. I'm not sure if I'll have a comic to sell...It's not my best work but it would be better than nothing...What do you guys think? Would you want it? It's a one shot I did for my 24 hour comic day. lol

I'll be there tabling with my friend :iconkagar: so come and see his awesome jewelry and chain mail work. :D Is anyone else going? Let me know so I can say hi or something!

In other news, I was able to reach my word count goal of 20k finishing at a whopping 20, 083 words! lol It's not a lot but I'm still proud. :D To be fair I did sprint 4k the last day to make up for lack of words since I had a pretty busy weekend which you can read on my blog http://etherealvoices.blogspot.com/2013/08/vacation-weekend-campnanowrimo-otakon.html if you're interested. Going to take it easy in August with 2 cons and hoping to prep an outline for Nov Nanowrimo. :D

Hope you are all well! :D

Self Pub Sketchbook? + Junowrimo End

Still alive! :D Don't forget to visit my blog http://etherealvoices.blogspot.com for more frequent/updated entries. :D

Friends, would you guys be interested in a self-published sketchbook from me? It would be a small and cheap 20 paged book. If so, what kind of sketches would you like to see? Would you like it if I wrote little blurbs on the sides or just leave it as sketch images?

Been trying to do more sketching and watercolors but lately I've been trying to work on my novel for Junowrimo. I got to about 35k before I decided to stop because I ran out of material and had no idea where my story was going. It's been a valiant effort but I think I would have really nailed this if I actually planned a good outline. I'm glad I got this far on pantsing alone but I'm definitely a planner. I think I'll be able to include what I've written into something good. Just need to make the connections. I like what I've written so far, of course major editing will be needed but it's a good start and I'm proud that I made it this far. Did you any of you guys participate? Did you win?! :D

I'll be participating in July Campnano after this crazy Junowrimo but my word count will be far less and I'll be working on a different story in general. I'm thinking I'll do 20-25k for my word count because it's more of a comic script than a novel. It's actually Blindfolded Love (the characters I sketched below) I plan on working for Campnano so I have a clearer idea of Niella and Kuwei's story. I just wanted it more detailed because right now it's just generalized so that isn't good enough for me. I would also love to get the pages thumbnailed if I have enough time for that during the month.

Ohayocon 2013 + Homework Sketch Dump 12
Been slacking a bit this past weekend due to Ohayocon. It was pretty cool. I was not at all able to keep up on writing for Janowrimo which I'm not too surprised as I fell behind awhile ago. I have been able to get some journals/sketch pages in but I'm still behind on those too. Need to catch up on that. Gotta do those daily!

So I got to see some old friends and meet some new ones at Ohayocon! As you know I wasn't as eager to attend this con this year so was debating whether or not to attend next year. I'm probably not going to so I can have a break as I'm either getting old or just not having as much fun to see the worth of the cost going there. The only reason I would go is to see my friends and check out the Artist Alley. I don't really buy from the Dealer's room at all. Still it was fun and interesting, just not worth the merit of going again as I've gone for the last few years and things don't seem to change too much.

Friday was good, met up with some friends and hung out with them. I scouted the AA and the Dealer's room but decided to wait on buying anything. Saturday, was busier, I hung out with more friends and bought some stuff. :D It was tiring as I was walking around all day and hardly sat down. lol I guess I was pretty excited then so I didn't want to stop. I ended up missing a grand prize (the guy after me got it instead) on this spinning raffle thing in the Dealer's room which sucked. lol I was a bit disappointed but it was fun. Got to meet a lot of cool artists this day so it was worth it. I went to an improv panel which was fun and a ghost story panel which was interesting...lol Sunday, I debated on going or not but decided to since I had already paid and thought I'd say bye to my friends since I don't see them often. It was worth it but I actually had to sit down at various points to rest and there wasn't as much to do then. I was pretty tired, I got less sleep than I normally do during the weekend so it was an interesting change. Glad I got Monday off for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. :)

Took my friends to the Airport on Monday instead of sleeping in. haha I didn't mind, all the ladies were super sweet and it was a pleasure. Took them to the local mall and I'm glad they had fun even though I was tired and had 2 cups of coffee in about 4 hours. lol I thought about drinking some more but decided against it, my body was already tensed with sugar and caffeine. lol Though once I dropped them off I crashed at home. Surprisingly I didn't hit the bed right after, instead I got on the computer (I was internet deprived) and caught up on my feeds. haha I'm such a dork. Anyways, I went to bed a bit early but not as early as I thought I would but I guess I really wanted to stay online. haha

Sorry, I know this isn't really a progress post but it is a bit related to my art. Just seeing all the great art and talking to the creators at the con had inspired me to start cracking down on myself again. Making friends with similar interests really helped me feel more creatively ready to work again. I do need people to hold me accountable, I really should get myself to do work but that only takes one so far. lol A push or a nudge every once in awhile does it for me. I just need to get out of my comfort zone. haha

Happy Thanksgiving + Feature
Eep! I only have 4 days left on my subscription! Can't believe 2 years passed that quickly! lol Been busy with school, work, and stuff. Hope you all have been well. Haven't be able to post a journal as much as I would like. Not doing a lot of things I wanted to do, I need to work on my time management again. I don't know why I've been slacking so much lately. >_<;; I hope to get back into the swing of things. For real this time.

Thanksgiving is coming up and so is a break! Yay! Hoping I can try to be productive during that time. Either write to catch up or draw. >_<;; What are you guys doing during your break? :D

Got my wisdom teeth out last Friday which was a bit nerve wracking but I'm doing well now. I was awake the whole time and shaking. lol Not good but it went ok, I was fine the next day. I'm still healing but I've been eating solid foods which is good. Feel almost back to normal but still don't wanna over extend my jaw or anything. I'm off pain meds so that's always good, I didn't even take a lot after the surgery which I'm grateful. Actually the entire experience was good for me. I'm very blessed and lucky to not have any horror stories or such a painful experience.

Nanowrimo is failing but I'm still writing even though I'm so far behind. I don't know where I'm going with it either but oh well. lol Just getting it out there, even if it sucks. Are any of you guys doing it? How are you doing so far?

So in response to only 4 days left of my subscription I'm hosting a feature! Just link me your best piece of artwork and I'll post a journal on it. I'll post it on Tuesday or Wednesday depending when I can do it. :D

As always, check out my blog for the latest information! http://etherealvoices.blogspot.com

Birthday and Giveaway
My birthday yesterday was good! Nothing incredibly exciting but it wasn't horrible either. Just more or less an ordinary day. :/ Oh if you missed it, I'm having a notebook giveaway of a design I had printed for my birthday. Go check it out!--> http://etherealvoices.blogspot.com/2012/10/review-caged-cranes-notebook-design.html

Otherwise, I hope you all are doing well! Need to get ready for 24 Hour Comic Day(next week) and Nanowrimo(next month). Anyone doing either or both? :D Let me know! Add me! My username is aisazia. ;)

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